Cowboy Pledge

Cowboy Pledge

“Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something.”

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to create exciting opportunities for our residents to connect and become involved with the larger community. Through innovative and imaginative activities Cowboy Pledge will give residents a chance to share their talents and resources to help lift others. As we work together we can accomplish great things.

Get Started Now

So what are you waiting for? Come participate with us by calling Cowboy Properties at (801) 424-4400 or by sending an email to and learn how to become a part of Cowboy Pledge activities. You can also click on the Schedule of Events link for more information on upcoming events.

Come share in the fun as we work together to give back to our community and thank you for your willingness to get involved.

About Cowboy Pledge

We understand today's active lifestyles and that at times it may be difficult to find the time or effective ways to connect to the larger community. This is where Cowboy Pledge can help by providing ongoing opportunities for residents who desire to contribute time or resources to others in need. As you engage in Cowboy Pledge activities, you will become more familiar with the larger community beyond your neighborhood. We invite you to be part of Cowboy Pledge, along with your friends and neighbors, and participate in events that can maximize your time, talents and energy in fun and exciting activities.

These activities might include: collecting and donating non-perishable food items to the Utah Food Bank, helping redecorate patient rooms at the Ronald McDonald House, planting trees in local parks and canyon areas or donating and assembling backpacks and school items for elementary school children. Some Cowboy Pledge efforts will allow you to join with residents of other communities managed by Cowboy Properties, other activities may be on a smaller scale. One thing all activities will all have in common is a chance to have some fun with your new friends.