About Us

About Cowboy Properties


The mission of Cowboy Partners is creating extraordinary places for people. Widely recognized as one of the premier multi-family and mixed-use developers in the West, Cowboy Partners represents the best in the creation of innovative, imaginative, and inviting residential communities and mixed-use neighborhoods. In an era when real estate has been commoditized, Cowboy Partners stands out with a passion for details and an unflinching willingness to innovate in pursuit of optimum real estate solutions.


The success of Cowboy Partners is in large part a reflection of the accumulation of decades of experience and teamwork with a committed core of development professionals. Cowboy Partners is responsible for some of the most remarkable developments in the Mountain West. 

Northgate Apartments, located at The Gateway, is an extraordinary example of the contribution of residential development in a large mixed-use development. 

The Parc Condominiums, also at The Gateway, opened a new era of luxury high-rise living in the Salt Lake City area. 

Liberty Citywalk Apartments in downtown Salt Lake City is a stunning example of mission-focused affordable housing. Comprised of "Super Studios" and 1 bedroom units with secure access parking and living, Liberty Citywalk is an enormously successful work-force housing development.  Liberty Citywalk has become a creative and most welcome addition to the downtown neighborhood.


It all starts with happy residents. As simplistic as this principle may seem, at Cowboy Properties we've made happy residents our highest priority. By establishing this priority our role as property managers comes clearly into focus and the decision making process for all of the members of our team becomes much more clearly defined.

What makes residents happy? We've learned that among the most important things we do is managing in a way that creates peace of mind for our residents. To the team at Cowboy Properties this means dealing with residents with respect and respecting the trust that has been placed in us when a resident chooses one of our communities as home. It means responding quickly, and following through completely, to service requests. It also means that we do our best to always be fair, consistent and courteous in fulfilling our management duties.

Current Activity

Liberty Sky is the first modern high-rise rental community in downtown Salt Lake City featuring studio, one and two-bedroom apartments. The community opened in December 2021. Located at 151 S. State Street.