Cowboy Pledge supports 26 Acts of Kindness in January 2013

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Cowboy Pledge supports 26 Acts of Kindness in January 2013

In January of 2013 Cowboy Pledge invited the residents of 16 apartment communities along the Wasatch Front and in Heber City and Park City, Utah to share 26 Acts of Kindness with someone they knew. This idea originally proposed by Ann Curry, an NBC News correspondent, was intended to honor and remember the families and children and adults who lost their lives in the tragic events that took place in Newtown Connecticut. In support of this idea, Cowboy Pledge invited every Cowboy Properties resident to think of 26 acts of kindness that they could share with an individual or organization of their choice.

Many residents accepted and their acts of kindness included holding doors open for senior citizens and co-workers, delivering cookies or other treats to firefighters and policemen and visiting care centers and homeless shelters with donations of goods and time. Others chose to pay for the next car's food or drink order when they used the drive up window at a restaurant or coffee shop.

Several residents chose to serve family members and even the small children joined in by helping at home with cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry and other chores. Some of the older children read to younger siblings or helped fellow classmates with homework.

Cowboy Pledge thanks everyone who participated in these small acts of kindness and hopes that they will continue to share their talents and abilities with others throughout the year.