Cowboy Pledge at the Utah Food Bank February on 21, 2013

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Cowboy Pledge at the Utah Food Bank February on 21, 2013

On February 21, 2013, Cowboy Pledge volunteers from 6 Cowboy Properties apartment communities met at the Utah Food Bank to help sort food donations and prepare food boxes for the Commodity Supplemental Food Program. The fun began when they joined with other volunteers assigned to fill 150 food boxes.

The food bank staff had the boxes ready to fill and an assembly line all set up. Each volunteer was assigned to place one item in each box or to be responsible for moving the boxes along the assembly line. Food items included rice, dried beans, juice, sugar, canned vegetables and other staples. The food was carefully placed in each box and the volunteers made sure that all of the items were included. They then sealed each box and stacked them on pallets ready to be moved into the warehouse.

It soon became evident that the team of volunteers would quickly finish the task of filling the boxes so some were asked to help sort and repack canned food donations. Others were asked to help in the warehouse doing cleaning and organizing. There was a great feeling of accomplishment among all of the volunteers as they completed the tasks they were assigned to do.

Many of the Cowboy Pledge volunteers said they had a great time meeting and working with the Utah Food Bank staff and the other volunteers.

The Utah Food Bank expressed their thanks to everyone for working so hard and effectively and invited all of the volunteers to come back soon. Cowboy Pledge also thanks each volunteer for their support and for serving others so willingly at the Utah Food Bank.