Cowboy Pledge at the Utah Food Bank

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Cowboy Pledge at the Utah Food Bank

On February 24, 2015 at 7:00 pm, The Utah Food Bank welcomed several Cowboy Pledge volunteers to a fun and fast paced project sorting canned and boxed food items. Volunteers included residents from Liberty Metro Apartments, Liberty Commons Apartments, Cowboy Properties home office and a father and son who noticed a flyer inviting residents and guests to volunteer at one of the Cowboy Properties communities and came to help. 
This enthusiastic group of volunteers joined others to quickly empty large boxes of canned or boxed goods onto large sorting tables where the items could be separated into predetermined categories and packed in smaller boxes for delivery to multiple food pantries across the state. 

The process provided volunteers a chance to work together making sure the items ended up in the right boxes and that they were suitable for use. Some of the volunteers ended up inside the large containers handing the items to others who were determined to help keep the process going without interruption. Their efforts help immensely. 

Cowboy Pledge volunteers helped each other and the rest of the volunteers by moving items along the sorting table and still filling boxes as they did so. They kept several volunteers busy transferring the filled boxes to pallets for shipping to outlying locations. 
Everyone who participated had a chance to share in the great feeling that comes from doing a small act of service to help the Utah Food Bank in their mission to feed the hungry.

Cowboy Properties and Cowboy Pledge appreciates each resident and staff member who volunteered to make this a fun and productive evening. The Utah Food Bank also expressed their sincere thanks to each volunteer.